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    Experienced custom home builder delivering quality in Montgomery County Texas.

  • Custom Home Builders

    Custom Home Builders

    We deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship and carpentry, while using only the industries best building materials.

Your Preferred Custom Home Builders

Our Custom Home Building Services

Building a new custom home can be overwhelming, tasking and filled with anxiety. OR,,, It can be a fun, rewarding and fulfilling experience. We partner with our valued clients to experience the latter. We have been fulfilling the custom home dreams of our clients since 1996. We have built a lot of homes. Earning us the reputation, knowledge, experience and confidence, that we can accommodate building your new custom home with the quality you deserve.

From picking out the location to build, to the choice of design type, to the layout, to the materials, to the fixtures and finishing's, we partner with you on all fronts as needed to help you achieve the perfect location, design and build. We will customize a plan that accommodates all your needs, concerns and desires to participate.

If you are planning to build a new home, regardless of what stage you are at, even just in the early planning phase, call our office, talk to Shannon and setup a meeting with Trent, his expertise will help you in so many ways.

Quality Home Builders

We can build on your lot of land.

Where To Build Your Home?

Maybe you have a specific parcel of land you'd like to customize a home on. Or, maybe you have a dream home in mind and you need to find the perfect land lot to build on, or even both concerns. Whatever your desired path to building your new home, there is always a lot to consider.

Trent's experiences since 1996 helps his clients consider all of the facts and conditions that are present or required to build their new dream home. From lot size and access, to utilities and right-of-ways, to drainage and soil condition, to vegetation and landscaping, to curb appeal and view, to HOAs and Permits and so on, it can all become overwhelming and concerns can easily be overlooked. Trent listens to your wants, needs and concerns and helps take you through the process without overlooking anything.

Decisions like lot size and location and what can or can't be done with the lot, would be costly mistakes if not done right. Like our clients, we like to get it right the first time too. We pay very close attention to detail while keeping our clients well informed from start to finish, so they always make the best choices along the way. We can't emphasize enough how valuable Trent's experiences and industry knowledge is for anyone seeking to build a new home.

Pre-Construction Phase

Partnering with Reinhardt Homes and Trent Elliott as your customer home builder, will insure the right planning is done, at the right time and the right decissions are made throughout the build, starting with the pre-construction phase. Each home building project is different, and each part of the pre-construction phase is unique to the home owner, the land, the design and deed restrictions. There are some really critical concerns and choices to make and having the industry knowedge, education and experience that Trent has to offer, will insure nothing is overlooked and the right choices are made.

While the pre-construction phase has some complicated aspects, we have listed a few important issues of concern below to give you a general idea.

Pre-Construction Phase
Obtain Land on Which to BuildObtain Deed Restrictions
Survey LandObtain House Plans
Septic DesignSoil Testing
Get Bids on PlansReview / Choose Selections
Builders Risk and General Liability Insurance
Sign Contract(s)Obtain Building Permits
Homeowners Association ApprovalWatertap
Temporary Electrical PoleApply for Electrical Service
Engineered SlabStake Out Pad
Stake Out HomeOrder Port-a-Potty

We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at any time regarding pre-construction or any part of the custom home buiding process. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will help any way we can!

Breaking Ground and Building Your New Dream Home

We partner with our clients and keep them well informed. Along with site inspections and visits to the site from our clients throughout the build process, we send lots of photos via email to show the smaller attention to details. We want complete satisfaction from every client on every job.

Our work sites are well organized and properly maintained with safety always first. We build each house with the highest level of passion, carpentry and skilled craftsmanship possible, as if, building for our own family. We take no short cuts and use no substitution, our clients get what they pay for, without exception. We use only the industries best materials and supplies to insure our clients satisfaction and our reputation as a builder. You will benefit from our integrity.

Building Your New Dream Home

We work with all the building inspectors, apply for all required building permits, work with homeowner's associations and other contractors, such as interior designers. As a partner of our client, we try to be as accommodating as possible to help them achieve the most positive and rewarding experience building their home. Below are the most common aspects of the construction phase.

Build PadCulverts
Temporary DriveSet Forms
Fill Forms with DirtPlumbing Grounds
Make Up BeamsElectrical in Slab
Form InspectionForm Survey
Pour SlabRough Grade
FrameCornice, Doors & Windows
Deck the RoofShingles
Plumbing RoughFireplace
HVAC RoughElectrical Rough
Security PrewireFrame Inspection
Order Gas UndergroundOrder Electric Panel
Order Electric UndergroundInterior Trim, Doors & Cabinets
Measure for Countertops (kitchen and bathroom)
Plumbing TrimElectrical Trim
HVAC TrimCarpet
DrivewayFinal Grade

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction or any part of the custom home buiding process, please give us a call or send us an email, we will answer any question or concerns as soon as possible.

Custom Built Home

Delivering Your Custom Built Home

Once the final grade is done and Trent completes his personal inspection of your new custom built home, he will arrange to walk though it with you, getting your approval of even the finest details.

Trent's refined past experience as a licensed residential home inspector and being certified in international residential code, helps him prevent concerns during the build and helps him point out quality details while professionally answering any question durring the final walk through.

We are not satisfied until our valued clients are completely satisfied. We have an outstanding reputation that speaks loudly for us and we want each client, you, to keep it that way. Come join our ever growing family of proud custom home owners. We'd love to build for you!